Carina Skilton RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Carina gained her qualification in Veterinary Nursing in 2009 from CPIT back in New Zealand. Soon after graduating, Carina headed over to Melbourne Australia where she built up her skills in a first opinion practice similar to Cuffe Vets. Before joining us in 2015 Carina worked at an emergency centre in Aberdeen, then for a large charity hospital in Surrey where she resat her exams to become RVN registered in the UK.

Carina is one to always jump into any project and get her hands dirty, all the while thinking outside the box. Her carefree attitude is infectious within the practice and is rarely seen not making light of a situation. She has a special interest in wound management and dental prophylaxis.

  • Carina takes care of all our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)
  • Is a fitness junkie who in her spare time plays touch rugby, pole dances and will walk just about any distance in London to avoid using the tube.
  • Has travelled to 15 different countries already and is constantly planning her next trip.

Our Work

Some of our patients that we have had the pleasure to treat