Changes to parasite control

Guy has been very happy the last couple of months as a new product has come on the market to make parasite control easier for dogs.

Up until now, we have been advising all owners to use Advocate, as it was the comprehensive cover for dogs. The only additional requirement was tapeworm treatment (Drontal) and tick cover. Combining the Advocate with a tick prevention treatment became costly, especially for larger dogs. Fortunately, Merial have released Nexgard Spectra which now is licensed for lungworm cover.

Nexgard Spectra is a chewable tablet given every 4 weeks. The tablet covers dogs for fleas, intestinal worms, ticks and lungworm. Meaning the only additional treatment is the 6 monthly tapeworm treatment (Drontal). This works out as a more cost effective comprehensive cover for dogs. Nexgard Spectra is licensed for dogs over 2kg body weight and a minimum age of 8 weeks. As it is a prescription only medication, it falls in the same category as Advocate. Meaning it requires dogs to have a veterinary health check every 12 months.

So far we’ve had a good response to the product and are actively encouraging clients to make the change once they’ve used all of their Advocate.

For our feline friends we are advising the change from Advocate to Stronghold. Stronghold is again a spot on application covering intestinal worms and fleas. Stronghold is a more convenient sized packaging for multicat households and is more cost effective in comparison to Advocate. Cats will still require a tapeworm treatment every 6 months.

Is all this cover really important? The short answer is yes. Heavy flea infestations can cause anaemia, with young animals most at risk and lungworm can be fatal in all dogs. Ticks, fleas and roundworm can all be transmitted to people causing various health problems for ourselves. It is important to use parasite control all year round as this is no longer a seasonal issue due to changes in housing temperatures.

For further advise, speak to one of our nurses.


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