Hannah Curwood NZVN BMus PG Dip Mus

General Manager

Hannah Curwood is an Australian born New Zealander and something of a polymath. With degrees in both music and veterinary nursing, and a history of combining a music career with the role of Head Nurse and Practice Management, she is a force of nature.

One look at her CV when she came to London was all we needed. As both Practice and Project Manager she controlled two lots of miscreant builders and got our renovations finished while at the same time recruiting all the extra staff we now need.

Hannah has a particular interest in canine and human behaviour and sees perhaps more similarities than differences. She is particularly passionate about the sciences of anaesthesia and analgesia (pain relief) and proudest of her input to ensuring we tailor each anaesthetic to each individual patient. She writes a regular blog for BorrowMyDoggy (borrowmydoggy.com) and still finds time to keep us all on our toes.

Her second album comes out shortly (Hannah in the wars) and she is toying with the idea of flying her ageing German Short-Haired Pointer cross Hayes Dog 26 hours to London.

Her next big project, apart from the album, is getting our new hospital practice off to a great start.


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