• Pet Insurance comes in two basic forms.
    • Cover for a year – relatively cheap in the short-term
    • Cover for Life – relatively expensive in the short term, much less so in the long term. We advise ONLY cover for life.
  • We can give a temporary 6-week cover for healthy pets on first presentation.
  • Pet Insurance is a very successful business for the Insurance Companies. There are many policies available and comparison sites on the Internet list dozens of different offers.
  • Many Policies contain extra supposed benefits (kennelling if you are ill, advertising if lost, third party accidents) but what is really important is the cover for Vet Fees.
  • All policies have a two-week lag for obvious reasons. Few general policies cover breeding or sporting activity (racing, carting).  Most will attempt to avoid paying for routine dental work. All do what they can to refuse a claim. Read the small print.
  • Most ‘problems’ occur in the first year of life, and the last. So, get good cover as early as possible and keep it up.
  • It never makes sense to have two policies running at the same time. You get the worst of both.
  • As your pet ages, the insurance premium begins to creep up. Sometimes it seems to sprint. The inclination then is to cancel it and take out one of the very much cheaper policies on the Internet. This is almost always a grave and costly mistake. Anything paid for by the first company will now be a ruled out pre-existing condition and not covered. Much better to ring your existing company, explain that it has now become much too expensive and ask what policy they can offer which will give you continuity without penalty.
  • Many policies will not cover congenital problems (problems with which the pet is born.)  This is an expanding list as DNA tests reveal the true nature on many disease conditions.

For more on this topic, see our Podcast, or ask any of our clinical staff.