Our Pet Club

  • By now you will realise that ongoing worming and flea control are necessary. These are not covered by Insurance.
  • There are also times when you are not sure whether or not something needs to be seen. Along with that worry is the cost worry, and a single visit doesn’t reach the insurance threshold.
  • The annual check-up, which normally includes stocking up on flea and worm control is another expense hurdle.
  • Our Pet Club is a monthly payment plan.  The prices are significantly reduced and the monthly payment covers all worming, flea control, vaccination and annual check-up and a further free check up in the year, plus access to a Veterinary Nurse who knows you and your baby.
  • The idea is to spread the cost, and together with insurance against accident and illness you have complete peace of mind.
  • We reduce the price because you get all your parasite control from us, and because we see the pet at least twice a year which gives up a much better idea of normal when we see abnormal, for that animal.
  • We hope to build the Pet Club into much more than a Payment Plan though the payment plan aspect is not to be sneezed at. We welcome suggestions.
  • We do not like to push our Pet Club too strongly, in the same way that we don’t really push most things that strongly. It is there if you want it and we are happy if you decide to take it up; we are just as happy to see you if it is not for you.
  • The Pet Club is managed by a commercial company who deduct their fee from the Direct Debit and remit the rest to us once a month. You can cancel the direct debit at any time, there is no time limit or penalty.

For more on this topic, see our Podcast, or ask any of our clinical staff.