Surgical Facilities

Our surgery is fully equipped to carry out most necessary surgical procedures and uses the safest possible anaesthetic regimes and equipment. Our Veterinary Surgeons and Registered Veterinary Nurses use the latest, state of the art monitoring equipment to assess heart function, blood pressure and breathing.

We use routine intravenous fluids for ALL general anaesthetic procedures to ensure the greatest safety for your pet. In addition, our highly experienced vets tailor each anaesthetic regime to each and every individual case to provide the very best and most suitable anaesthetic.

Our aim is always to ensure that your pet remains as safe and comfortable as possible whenever they stay with us for an operation or procedure by providing the very best facilities and medical care possible.


We have a modern dental machine that is used for descaling and polishing our patient's teeth, thus prolonging dental health. We use ultrasonic scalers as well as hand instruments, high speed compressed air driven drills, and a lower speed polisher - all very similar to the equipment in our own dentist's surgeries. We also have an air-driven burr which is used for maintenance of rabbit and small rodent's front teeth. Dental procedures in cats and dogs will require a general anaesthetic.

Digital Radiography

We have a high resolution digital X-ray machine which allows our vets to use digital software to enhance pictures and this gives them much improved diagnostic abilities. Excellent diagnostic imaging also enables us to share the images with experts from around the world by e-mailing digital images promptly & efficiently. Our digital radiography system is linked into our patients notes so that clients can see the images that we have taken of their pets on our computer screens within minutes of the X-rays being taken. The quality of the images that we produce through this system is often such that we can work very closely with our referral specialists over the internet and often have answers without the need for further specialist work up.


Ultrasonography is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that uses high frequency sound waves allowing us to image a number of body systems. Ultrasound is used mostly for problems within the abdomen and the chest, although it also may be useful for looking at the eye, and less commonly limbs.

Laboratory Facilities

We use the absolute best, cutting-edge technologies to give us unprecedented accuracy, speed and precision of laboratory tests. Occasionally, we need to use our external laboratory for more complex tests. These tests are couriered overnight ensuring we can report your pet's test results as quickly as possible.

Electrocardiography (ECG) and Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have several instruments available to perform ECG and blood pressure monitoring. These form an important part of the investigation and monitoring of heart disease and certain other conditions. We use IDEXX Telemedicine to transmit our ECGs to the USA for interpretation and advice by 60 board-certified cardiology consultants. This ensures that we are always providing the most up to date advice and treatment for our cardiac cases.

Tonometry & Panophthalmoscopy

We have a state of the art, high quality TonoPen™ which is used to measure the pressure inside the eye and is an essential diagnostic procedure during an eye examination where glaucoma or uveitis is suspected. Our PanOptic™ ophthalmoscope provides a panoramic view of the back of the eye five times larger than standard equipment which makes observing conditions such as hypertension much easier to identify.


For more information, please come and talk to us. We are always more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.